Monday, December 20, 2010


im infected by ernie!! haha.. listening to Through the Rain really makes me sensitive.. lolz.

yeah... it gives me an urge to write something..
Good job mariah carey and .. ernie loo.. haha..

yeah.. spm is over.. i thought i would write this long long time ago.. yet things go unexpectedly!
i dun have my kl trip due to some reasons..
i dun have the urge to read the novels..
i dun have the feeling to write my blog.
i dun go gathering everyday..

i play the sims3
i watch glee
i watch japanese drama ( the romance that make you sob uncontrollably..)


thats stupid... i cant leave myself unoccupied!! whenever im free, some spm questions pop out in my mind.. why dun i study it carefully? why did i watch TV a day before? what am i doing during the exam? GOD!! ITs torturing!!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010


i thought i would have so many things to pour out after such a long time being disconnected yet, my mind just simply went blank when i started to write this..

its already 12am and i should have gone bed but miraculously, i stay awake until now! after tuition after tuition, there is not much time left... however, i still have time to on my facebook and blog.. yeah..

now, we had moved to dewan makan to have our P&P... it was good to have everybody around and started to chit-chat and of course, played our favourite game! TRUE OR DARE!
it just makes me to think about the time when we are in Form 3.. everyone is busy preparing for the pmr, aiming to get strings of As ..
time flies and now its already Form , preparing for the last exam we have in secondary school, and at the same time, the last one we will have together....
no more comparing, no more complaining and last but not least, no more jealousy...

i never intended to compare my result or trying to insult others' who fail to perform well in their exams... or honestly, i dun really bother other's result as i would take it as none of my business... yes, i would ask about others too, only those i think their result would be okay and never try to ask those whose face is written " dun ask for my result" .. nevertheless, somebody will just take our normal jokes as showing off, that really puzzles me , since long long ago.. yet they never show it..
of course, its hard to avoid jealousy but still, it is surprising to know that, even though they are close to you, would think the same too..

Saturday, September 11, 2010

i will never let you know, why am i emoing...
the things that you will never know!


the air is saturated,
with the mirage everywhere,
i'm suffocating under it,
being confused by the surroundings,
which is the object,
which is the image.

the hallucination,
brings me ectasy,
i just love the way you lie,
love the way i lie.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Birthday with a broken heart..

the weather is ok today

but not the world within somewhere else in my heart.
i tried to devour every word in the book
but they too show me a sullen face
listening to the song, im brought to a nostalgic lane ..

i thought im the heaven,
surrounded by the assaults of the hell fire,
i just knew that i was flung into the deepest hell
by he and she ..
i thought we can have fun together,
at least for this last year, this last day, this last outing we are out together
in this special day,
i have the greatest hope that, everybody is happy beside me
but, it turned out that all .. are only the hallucination of my dream,
not even a scintilla of truth

the rain came pouring down,
im soaked in it..
no one reaches out his hand
except for him ..
the freeze comes surging in,
i can't actually distinguish which one is my tear, which want is the raindrop
most importantly,
im able to wipe them all
and stand up all by myself
and go on..

and spot a silver lining when i look up heavenwards...

Friday, September 3, 2010

I am touched!!

guess what?
i had been imagined my life in college since Form 4..
but now?

if i enter college then i have to part with the sweetest, cutest, loveliest friends ever in the earth!
how sad is this? lolx...
meaning that
1. no more gossip together during the time when teacher is absent.
2. no more the scene we chat together during recess
3. no more chatting in the class during teacher teaching in front ( chris does it all the time xD)
4. no more complaining during the assembly in the hall that require us to stand for hours
5. no more complaining about our results after each exam
6. no more latest news about someone's crush
7. no more news after each tuition class.
8. no more flirting in the conversation.
9. no more stupid nonsense things in the conversation
10. no more the trip to the restaurant together
11. no more argument when carrying out something
12. no more the scene of everybody striking hard for exam
13. no more gathering together in pizza hut and KFC
14. no more crazy snapshots each time when someone brings a camera
15. no more sleepover in someone's house

oh dear! i couldnt imagine my life without it!

F5 - a extremely cool party holding by a gang of extraordinary cute buddies!
the nicest ever party that moved my heart!
if you guys are more serious, i will cry my eyes out!
you guys are so sweet! love you guy so so SO MUCH....
i hope that 2ndary school never ends....
this is where i find a bunch of friends that bring a lots of meanings to my life....

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I just feel like, wanna be with you ! Forever 16~?

Count down after count down.. finally it is still one hour left! cool man! im gonna turn 17.. 17 is such a significant year.. because it meant that i am adult! haha.. ( cause i can get my driving license)! whatever, driving really makes a guy looks cool!and mature.. especially in a big red Porsche! ( but i prefer Hummer! big and secure xD)

OH YEA.. REFLEKSI KENDIRI again! i only hate to do it during the stupid KH class! lolx...
hmmm.. 16 years sounds like kid but 17 years sounds like you are required to be responsible for the things you have done because you have GROWN UP! wow! GROWN UP is such a phrase that gonna burden me!!! watever.. i still wanna grow up, just now grow old.. hehe...

OH GOSH! 40 minutes left.. Facebook stole my 10 minutes.. hehe..

erm.. 16 is a meaningful age for me as i think i have re-branded myself.. erm.. i dunnoe in what way, but it was not the same.. lolx...the way i think, the way i do things, the way i have fun.. okey.. maybe it doesnt look like a 16 boy, but ,hey its my STYLE! xD

haha.. To my friends, really like you guys coz you guys really make my 16 years old more meaningful. Lol.. especially those who help me up in my difficult time.. the one who is willing to wait me until 7 something ...T.T the one who helps me up to search for my name tag.. the one who always being nice to me and respect me.. the one who always take me as the best listener.. the one who always disturb me.. the one who always comforting me.. the one who always do nothing but i always know that she will do something when i need .. and also those, done nothing but you just lighted up my life.. lolx....
when im old and my grandchildren get a chance to read this blog, they will definitely ask.. who is the one? hmm... maybe i cant remember too! so you guys must remember it!

There are still 25 minutes to go ....
i have been to Japan in my 16..
i have been to Terengganu in my 16..
i have been to Pontian in my 16...
i have been to KL in my 16...
i have been to Melaka in my 16..
i have been to Hatyai in my 16...
I have been to Kuantan in my 16...

oh yea, there are many places which have my 16-year-old footprints!!!

they will left a deep mark in my heart, 16 never dies!